Giveaways from $50 to $350.000


Racing our way to $1

We're not kidding

Lamborghini giveaway!

We reserve a portion of the tax paid with each transaction so that we can giveaway a Lamborghini to a random holder. Often these kinds of things are promised, but never carried out, with us that is not the case. For this reason, we have marketed ourselves completely transparently.

Want to participate?


Each holder will have a chance to win equal to his/her holding percentage according to the supply. So if you own 1% of the supply, you have a 1% chance to win the Lamborghini or any other giveaway held by the team. We are considering of coding a dApp to automate this process and be completely transparent. More info about this can be found on our white paper.

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Buy: 11% / Sell: 14%
Total/max supply:
80B Tokens
Lock till 18/02/2023 12:00
Buy tax:
1% Founders 2% Reflections 3% Liquidity 5% Marketing/development
Sell tax:
1% Founders 2% Reflections 4% Liquidity 7% Marketing/development

Phase 1: Aventador


Website launch - done
Project launch - done
Onepager release - done
Whitepaper 1.0 - done
VinLink App reveal - done
Telegram/Twitter call group exposure - done
Key Influencer AMA’s - done

Phase 2: Urus


Website 2.0 - done
Whitepaper 2.0 - done
Token Relection Event - done
CoinMarketCap listing - done
Improved Holder Tokenomics
NFT reward holder loyalty Event
Coingecko listing
1 CEX Listing (Hotbit)
Aggressive marketing
Utility development stage 1 (front & back-end app design and functionality)
Key influencer Review videos

Phase 3: Huracan


2 CEX Listings (LBANK/BitMart)
Certik Audit & KYC
Influencer partnership
NYC Time Square Advertisement
Crypto Event Targeting Marketing
Programmatic Advertising stage 1 (display)
Dubai Crypto Expo team representation
Utility development stage 2 (VinLink MVP & Testing through Owned dealerships)

Phase 4: Countach


Tier 1 CEX (
Programmatic Advertising stage 2 (display/video)
Digital/Out-of-Home Advertising Stage 1 (tier 1 Capital Cities high footfall areas)
VinLink YouTube channel
Utility development stage 3 (VinLink Multi-chain integration)
$500m Marketcap
Binance Listing Listing
FTX Listing

Phase 4: Terzo Millennio


Programmatic Advertising stage 3 (display/video/connectedTV – sync)
Digital/Out-of-Home Advertising Stage 2 (Capital City take-overs)
VinLink Office Building
$1Bn Marketcap
Bloomberg(and equivalent) TV News Items
Utility development stage 4 (VinLink roll-out to selected partners)
Customer success stories
Utility development stage 5 (mass-adoption of VinLink)

Meme token with utility

Lambo inu introduces:


Vinlink. : Digital representation of car ownership
Thanks to our unique ID, every digitized vehicle is automatically updated through production, sales, maintenance, repairs, driver behavior and of course the transfer of ownership. All data is stored in our blockchain which is fully decentralized, thus making it immutable, undeletable and more reliable. By tracking the complete vehicle lifecycle, we can keep up with the digital transformation of the entire industry. With the authentic and verified data, we can add value to the service of car owners

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